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H's Place Gallery & More: A Space for Art and Community

H's Place Gallery & More: A Space for Art and Community

Welcome to H's Place Gallery & More, an art gallery and community space in La Veta, Colorado. Owned and operated by passionate photographer and artist Heather Curtis, H's Place is where people can appreciate beauty, connect with their creative side, and support local artists.

H's Place features a variety of art, including photography, mixed media, and paintings. The gallery also offers an affordable iPhone photography workshop, where you learn composition, lighting, and editing with Snapseed. There's something for everyone at H's Place, and you're sure to find the perfect photo for yourself or a loved one.

H's Place is more than just a gallery. It's a welcoming space where people can come to relax, enjoy the beauty of art, and connect with their creative side. Whether you're an experienced artist or simply someone who appreciates beauty, you're welcome at H's Place.

Here are a few reasons to visit H's Place Gallery & More:

  • Unique and beautiful artwork: Heather's work is inspired by the natural beauty of La Veta and the surrounding area. Her photography captures the stunning scenery, while her mixed media artwork is a vibrant and playful expression of her creativity.

  • A welcoming and supportive environment: Heather is passionate about sharing her art with others, and her gallery is where people can come to appreciate beauty and connect with their creative side.

  • A variety of events: H's Place hosts various events, such as workshops and receptions. These events are a great way to learn new skills, connect with other creative people, and support local artists.

We hope you'll visit H's Place Gallery & More soon!


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